Long-Haul Cov in the Young

Will Grogan stared blankly at his ninth-grade biology classwork. It was material he had mastered the day before, but it looked utterly unfamiliar. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he blurted. His teacher and classmates reminded him how adeptly he’d answered questions about the topic during the previous class.

Post COVID conditions and treatment

The approach that many practitioners are using for Post SARS CoV2 symptoms are wrong and even dangerous. Using traditional concepts that are associated with the symptoms of Long-Haul Covid19 (LH-Cov). The issue is in addressing the post-viral impact on whole body function. 

COVID19, Chronic Illness and Complementary Medicine

Even as policy makers and political leaders seek to put the COVID pandemic in the rearview mirror with the help of highly effective vaccines, a fundamental policy and planning gap is looming. Many who survive the initial viral illness suffer debilitating long-term sequelae.